Friday, 9 June 2017

WIN (Weekly Infinity Night)

By: Dozer

Last night a few of the CTG contributors got together at Forgotten's house and played three games of of Infinity in the current global campaign, Strike Zone: Wotan.

Ontos and Burns played while Doc and Forgotten played. It felt good to have the crew back to playing a weekly game. For just under two years I hosted the folks at my place and we played Infinity. The local game stores were not open when we wanted them to be and they lacked the ability or facilities to drink, work on minis, and just chill around while two pairs of players played Infinity.

I called it WIN - Weekly Infinity Night. Originally it was Wednesday but I changed it to weekly. It fit better, more so when the day of the week changed.

It was awesome to watch my friends play games and witness the madness that sometimes becomes those epic unforgettable moments that you'll recount to other players.

After the first set of matches happed, I was able to play Burns for our second planned match. The idea of Wotan is the location you play at determines the scenario. The first game we played at the military harbour location where the Nomads are holding the line. Burns picked Sygtir-1 adn we had a great game.

I missed out the last global event and I'm keen on getting in on this one. There have been some ups and downs but so far I've had a blast playing Strike Zone: Wotan.

I'm having more fun though playing with a regular WIN me and my mates getting in games and helping each other out.

From L-R: Doc, Forgotten, Ontos, and Burns
The posts will be coming in bursts as those who are participating also have to write battle reports.

- Cheers


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